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Lizzy Mentier Racing 50

Alfano 6 Exhaust Sensor

Alfano 6 Exhaust Sensor

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Alfano A2158 Alfano EGT Sensor "Standard"

Alfano "K" Type EXHAUST sensor - 40cm "STANDARD quality, blue label".  If there is no boss on the exhaust the we have the A272A and A272B in stock. Designed to be used with modern 2 stoke oils. 

This sensor of thermocouple K technology must be installed correctly on the exhaust pipe. Read the explanation on the installation and use of this sensor, this document can be found on the Alfano website under Downloads

Note: this sensor must be used with an extension cable ref. A3401 or a hub ref. A2190.

We always suggest teams use the A2155 version. 

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