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Lizzy Mentier Racing 50

Alfano 6 T2 Dash

Alfano 6 T2 Dash

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Alfano 6 T2 Dash

Alfano 6 T2 - A1060 - P1 - Water Cooled for Rotax/KZ/X30 

Basic Kit Plus 

    • M10 Water Temp Sensor Ntc (40cm) A2101 
  • Extension A2190 Hub Lead 
  • M5 or 1/8th Thread Water temp available upon request. (Ntc or K Type)  

GPS included with connection to the Galileo GPS Satellite for EU Users 


Alfano will present its top of the range, The Alfano 6 T2, the jewel of technology, of on-board data acquisition systems of car, motorcycle powerboats and karting, inventor of timing by magnetic, Alfano keeps on driving the developing data acquisition and processing systems for the competition. 

Download the Alfano 6 Brochure

Alfano 6 T2 - A1060-P1 (WATER COOLED) 

As per Alfano 6 T2 Basic Kit (A1060) Plus 


    • RPM Lead
    • USB charging cable.
    • A2101 Water Temp Ntc Sensor (40cm)
  • A3401 Hub NTC & K Extension Lead 
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