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Lizzy Mentier Racing 50

HONDA RPM200 Cadet Race Engine (MSUK)

HONDA RPM200 Cadet Race Engine (MSUK)

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HONDA RPM200 Cadet Race Engine (MSUK)


GX200 Race Engine is supplied and sealed by RPM and is used in all GX200 race meetings in cadet.

The engines are supplied and sealed giving equal power output offering, as a result, a level/fair playing field for all competitors.

We have implemented an online engine log system removing the need for physical log cards. All engines will be logged into our online platform where customers can log in and keep track of all engines owned.

The information which will be stored against the engine is as follows:

  • Engine Number
  • Seal Number
  • Engine Sold Date
  • Classification
  • Service Points (Including a description of work carried out)

Engines come dry with 'NO OIL'


Bare Engine 

  • Engine
  • Carburettor 
  • Airfilter
  • User Guide

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